Liz Reason is a seasoned and insightful stalwart of the Green Party, with a wealth of experience, not least through her involvement in the Holistic Review. She’s a strong candidate for the role of GPEX Chair, at such an important time for the Party.

Jonathon Porritt

Liz will make an excellent GPEx chair and I shall certainly vote for her. I’ve worked with her on the Energy and Climate Change Policy WGs and have found her to be energetic, wise and a natural collaborator. When I needed a chair for a particularly sticky session of the Climate Change Policy WG Liz was the first person I asked – and she did an excellent job.
I think it important that the GPEx chair is a person with knowledge and practical experience outside politics. Liz’s experience is in energy efficiency and she also led a project to create a £4.5M solar farm.

David Flint

Liz would make a fantastic chair of the Green Party. She brings organisational experience, deep commitment and ongoing passion to the cause.

Anthony Landale

I’m with Liz for the Chair of Gpex. She is passionate and reasonable and full of great collaborative ideas and support for the progress of our democratic party. She has promoted equality and openness and the fair treatment of every member of both the GP and society at large, so I will have no doubts when I put my X next to her election selection.
I look forward to working with you over the coming years…

Peaceful Warrior

Good luck Liz. In my opinion you would be the best person for the job and with all your passion and knowledge you would be able to contribute so much more to the Party.

Margaret Landale

Liz is one of those rare people who combines a warm heart with a cool head. She cares passionately about social justice and the environment and has the steely determination to get things done. Her ability to motivate people and overcome challenges has resulted in a string of admirable achievements, not least Charlbury’s solar community energy scheme. Trouble is I don’t think Liz herself realises how brilliant she is so I hope this gets published!

Susan Ballard

I hope you are successful, Liz. Challenging role but you are just right for it.

Oliver Dowding

What a great idea. And I know you would be an excellent choice. Strong principles combined with very practical outlook on getting things done. Best of luck!

John Walker

Having witnessed Liz in action a couple of times now in the Energy Policy Working Group, and after reading her statement I think she’d be an excellent candidate for the role. Having someone as GPEX chair who really knows their stuff environmentally as well as how to get things done in a community environmental setting seems like a good idea to me. The other candidates also have good qualities, but when someone with this combination of environmental expertise and experience is offering to take this role on at the heart of our party then I’d hope we would take them up on the offer.

Gavin Andrews

If you haven’t already voted on the various Green Party positions (Leader, Deputy Leader etc etc) – can I encourage you to vote for Liz Reason as Chair of GPEx. The Chair of GPEx is a vital role that can help the party grow over the next few years to have much more electoral success and influence.

I first met Liz a long time ago at Friends of the Earth and we have stayed in touch ever since. Not only is she very quick to assess situations but she has enormous energy and focus and the ability to influence others to reach agreement … plus her track record is impressive.

Over the last few years she has been working closely within the Green Party on staff relations, fundraising and setting up a review of Green Party structures and so she knows the Green Party well.

As well as her candidate statement – have a look at her Facebook page that highlights some of her achievements and relevant experience.

So if you aren’t sure who to vote for as Chair of GPEX then please vote for Liz Reason who will use her maturity and experience to help the Green Party progress and I also know she can and will devote a very large part of her time to this.

Adrian Audsley

I was first introduced to Liz Reason by a mutual acquaintance who also had an interest in the environmental field, in which she and I both worked. This was 15 years or more ago. Since then Liz and her husband Steve Andrews have become close friends of me and my wife Susan Ballard. We both count ourselves very fortunate to count them as such.

Over the years I have come immensely to respect Liz’s depth of expertise in the energy field (both generation and energy conservation) and her strongly lived commitment to finding a way to respond to the challenge of climate change and other sustainability challenges. She really ‘walks the talk’ – for example I simply am not aware during the length of our friendship of a single occasion when she has taken an aeroplane. Her house, aptly named ‘Lower Watts House’, remains one of the most energy efficient buildings in the country, decades after it was designed and built. She is therefore no ‘paper green’ – I would be truly astonished if any journalist were to find an example of either Liz or Steve acting in an unaligned way.

She also thinks very widely about how to respond – she is not ‘merely’ an energy specialist but thinks deeply about what else might be required – e.g. in the behavioural and psychological fields. This broader strategic vision makes her, I believe, a safe but also an exciting choice for a leadership role in the Green Party. I commend her candidacy to you.

David Ballard