Full election statement

“I really want the Green Party to do better” was the heartfelt response of a new friend when I told them that I am currently Chair of the Green Party Executive. That’s how I feel too. It’s why I stood as Chair two years ago. And why I’m standing for re-election now.

I have had a lifelong commitment to social justice and protecting our planet. And as others awake to the climate emergency, I have found a real sense of purpose in supporting the Green Party to translate concern for the environment into votes. If you choose me for Chair you will get an honest and principled team player who’s dedicated to helping the party operate effectively and transparently.


  • Professionalising operations Appointing an experienced Chief Executive and supporting them to build a team of committed staff to deliver on the party’s ambitions.
  • Resourcing Developing the fundraising strategy through the new Development Committee. We aim to attract more money from a wide range of appropriate sources to meet one of the party’s biggest challenges – our limited budget.
  • Improving decision-making The Holistic Review passed with a big majority but is yet to be implemented. I want to see this through to modernize the party’s governance arrangements.


  • Uniting the country around a fresh, green start and making that happen through inclusive politics.
  • Increasing income and financial sustainability are essential for us to build on our electoral success to date and to expand political representation at all levels. This will allow us to invest in:
    • developing the Field Team network in England and Wales
    • further campaign schools – so many of whose attendees subsequently deliver local electoral success
    • systems for elections and membership services, the party’s websites and other digital engagement tools
    • training for councillors, candidates and governance body members
    • identifying and nurturing a cohort of potential candidates to be ready for the next General Election.
  • Opening up conversations using the principles of non-violent communication, to resolve internal differences so we can focus on the real and urgent change that’s needed.


I will help deliver a reinvigorated Green Party that is better prepared to succeed in the 21st century.

I really want the party to make a step-change in its size, capacity and achievements. This can be done – if we raise our ambitions, if we are bold, and above all, if we work together.

I have the energy, experience, time and the commitment to make this happen.

Please vote for me #1 for Chair.

Thank you.